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Blackbeard (Boozy)

Blackbeard (Boozy)

This here is one thirst quenching brew, rather than a bloodthirsty Pirate, and unlike Blackbeard who lit matches under his beard to give an illusion of smoke, mirrors and fear, the only 'smoke' your going to be getting from this beauty is the steam rising from your cup as you devour this strong and fearsome brew.


**One teaspsoon will suffice,

**Each 100gm portion will gift you around 60 cups of tea.

***Tea-Ser sample pack gifts 4 - 6 cups


*Contains Alcohol - 2% per cup


All our teas are additive, preservative & added sugar free. Our intense flavour arises from a slow dehydration process for maximum intensity of flavour. Because of this, all our teas can be brewed in our flasks for over 2 hours, gaining strength but not bitterness.


  • Ingredients


    Black tea




  • Shipping Info

    Because we like our tea exactly like our oceans - fresh! All tea is made to order to ensure you are receiving the highest quality ingredients for your luscious blends boozy or otherwise. 

    Please allow 4 days for shipping so we can carefully curate your tea to order before shipping to you. Once your tea has been shipped you will receive an email with a tracking number.

    Aye Aye Captain!

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