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Drunken Sailor #2

Drunken Sailor #2

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What do you do with a drunken sailors liver? Detox it of course!! This detox is a great accompaniment to our Drunken Sailors #1 detox. 


Drink after lunch, a hangover  - or whenever you feel your body needs something other than rum.


**One teaspsoon will suffice,

**Each 100gm portion will gift you around 60 cups of tea.

***Tea-Ser sample pack gifts 4 - 6 cups.


*Caffeine & Alcohol Free


All our teas are additive, preservative & added sugar free. Our intense flavour arises from a slow dehydration process for maximum intensity of flavour. Because of this, all our teas can be brewed in our flasks for over 2 hours, gaining strength but not bitterness.


  • Ingredients



    Fennel Seeds

    Liquorice roots

    Coriander seeds

    Chicory seeds

    Celery seeds


  • Shipping Info

    Because we like our tea exactly like our oceans - fresh; all tea is made to order to ensure you are receiving the highest quality ingredients for your luscious blends boozy or otherwise. 

    Please allow 4 days for shipping so we can carefully curate your tea to order before shipping to you. Once your tea has been shipped you will receive an email with a tracking number.

    Aye Aye Captain!

Expected to ship by April 21st
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