Tea-Ser Packs

Tea-Ser Packs

Feeling like a cheeky brew but not sure what to have? Our Tea-Ser sample packs are the perfect resolution to find absolution. 


Available for both "Boozy" & "Sober", these teasers, will help you decide which of our infamous brews are your favourite, and also make perfect little pick me ups, or sacrificial offerings in case your Captain makes you walk the plank.


Wanting to only purchase one debaucherous tipple at a time? Click on your poison or antidote & you will see single Tea - sers are available.


Go on me hearties!!





Below Deck

Mulled wine (boozy)


Captain J. Sparrow




Aye Aye Captain

Capri Sun

Caramel Francais

Drunken Sailor #1

Drunken Sailor #2


Mulled wine (sober)

Vitamin Sea



  • Bounty

    Each of our tea-ser packs will give you 4-6 cups of liquid gold, per flavour.

  • Shipping Info

    Because we like our tea exactly like our oceans - fresh! All tea is made to order to ensure you are receiving the highest quality ingredients for your luscious blends boozy or otherwise. 

    Please allow 4 days for shipping so we can carefully curate your tea to order before shipping to you. Once your tea has been shipped you will receive an email with a tracking number.

    Aye Aye Captain!